Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Mini-Moon: The Return to Winvian

We did it!!

10/17/14: Ryan and I tied the knot/jumped the broom/made our covenant vow! More on that in a future post... 

Due to schedules, finances, timing, etc., Ryan and I did not actually spend much time thinking about our honeymoon during our engagement. It was much more convenient for us to plan a wedding and mini-moon and do our full-fledged honeymoon at a later date. Once that had been decided, my 1st request was for us to return to Winvian, the amazing place we got engaged, for our mini-moon! It was like an anniversary of sorts, with an additional reason to celebrate this time around!! 

We chose to stay in the two-story Beaver Lodge this time (check!). What a treat! In line with our woodsy-themed engagement stay and our fall-themed wedding, the gorgeous Beaver Lodge was absolutely perfect. 

The customer service at this Relais & Chateaux property is beyond superb. We got married in NYC and Ryan's car was towed the day of the wedding... that being said, we were physically delayed in getting to Winvian because we weren't able to get the car out of the tow pound (...even more thankful that we didn't schedule flights, etc.). We had booked the Winvian Sweetheart Escape package in the Beaver Lodge, and we certainly wanted to make sure we were able to enjoy it to the fullest! When we called to explain our situation, they gladly moved our reservation back a day with minimal questions asked. Thankful!!  

When we arrived, we graciously received a "Congratulations and welcome back" accompanied by flutes of Prosecco as we checked in. With drinks finished and check-in complete, we hopped back in the car, passed the Woodlands (the cottage we stayed in during our engagement weekend), and arrived at the long-awaited Beaver Lodge. (We didn't get to see this one in-person on the tour during our last visit so I could not wait to see what it looked like!) The Winvian website has the following description: 
"Beaver Lodge is a splendid, two-story sanctuary of wood and stone on the edge of Beaver Pond. A dome of interlocking sticks canopies the master bed, trees rise to the ceiling, and a spiral staircase winds around the tree trunk to the loft, where a table for two and a twin sleeper sofa overlook the forest below. A beautiful double-sided stone fireplace warms the relaxing space. The fabulous Beaver bathroom is a watery world of its own with radiant-heated river rock floors and a Jacuzzi that fills from the ceiling."

The pictures don't do it justice, but I tried!

The view to the left when you walk into the Beaver the wooden branch chandelier!
Note the beaver dam above the bed!

The unique beds and bathing areas are some of the my favorite characteristics of the Winvian cottages. No cascading waterfall on the back of this bed like in the Woodlands, but you can't beat the beaver dam equipped with the perfect light dimmer above this bed. Perfecto.



The personal touches definitely do not go unnoticed.


Two welcome notes...

...and one of them is HANDWRITTEN!

The "Jacuzzi that fills from the ceiling" 

The water definitely comes straight from the one direct, forceful stream of water. I think I was expecting (and would have preferred) more of a graduated, rainforest type of spray, but the concept is still nice. The staff also provide all that is needed for a bubble bath upon request.

No Pebblestone Noraebang took place in this shower, but the heated floors were just as enjoyable!

Spiral staircase leading upstairs

Upstairs retreat

Upstairs retreat

Beaver Lodge Bikes! (We rode them to breakfast and the spa.)
Speaking of the spa, a couples massage (our first!) was part of the Sweetheart Escape package. The room was serene (as most massage rooms are), but this one had a fireplace and additional seating area. I guess I didn't read the description well enough because it was a pleasant surprise to robe up with a mini-bottle of champagne and cheese plate in front of the wood-burning fire after our massage. I didn't want to leave!


Another Winvian cottage has been checked off our bucket list! I wish I could say which one I liked better (Woodlands or Beaver Lodge), but they both have their beautiful, unique charm. We may be trying the Library next!! 

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