Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yes!! Our Engagement

Monogamous penguins: slightly unrelated, but feeling the marriage spirit!

Wow. I can't believe we are engaged!!! 5 years and moving onto the next chapter!

Thanks Winvian! ... Where it all took place

Our engagement story is a true reflection of us, which is exactly the way I think it should be. We had booked a cottage at Winvian, a Connecticut resort spanning over 113 acres of blissful nature, as a quirky way to celebrate my milestone birthday. Eighteen uniquely designed, themed cottages comprise Winvian, and they are all incredible displays of creativity and architecture. Each cottage has a different theme: a treehouse (how Google led me here in the 1st place), a music cottage (apparently the track lighting on the ceiling is in the shape of a G-clef?!), a beaver lodge, a log cabin, a stable, a library, a secret society house, and more! 

Ryan and I ended up staying at The Woodlands...and let me tell you, the pictures on the website (and the ones I took below) just do not do it justice. This place is absolutely incredible! It was a perfect location for Ryan and me because it is located almost equidistant from Boston and NYC. The first 3 hours we were there, we played around making video tours, taking phone pics of our cottage, and playing with all the gadgets and remotes. (Clearly, he was the only one who knew a proposal would be taking place that evening...) It seriously is like a grown person's Candyland!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Sticks: Bringing Korean Food to the Country

The Sticks!
Wow! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've posted here! Life happens fast. Ha! It's been an incredible year for many reasons, but I am just going to pick up where we left off. I had asked my family over a year ago if Ryan could come to Virginia with us, which meant MANY things. The high-level summary of that statement meant that Ryan would be meeting and spending a week with my extended family, going to Grandma's house and sharing in all my childhood memories, and leaving NYC to spend a WEEK in the country! So much can be said about the conversations that ensued and the unspoken thoughts and memories that were created, but I'm just going to share the highlights I'm still processing much of the other stuff anyway. It truly was a TON of FUN! To give a bit more context, Ryan (Mr. Urbanite in the flesh) has never spent so much vacation time in an area such as this. After what became a 10-hour drive into the night (supposed to be 8) from NYC complete with a gorgeous lightning show, we knew we had made it when Ryan slammed on the breaks to stop for the cutest FAMILY of deer (yes, mom and 2 children) taking their sweet time to cross the ridiculous, nausea-inducing, winding roads.